Lateral Trauma Position Research – This study compared the Lateral Trauma Position (LTP) with the commonly performed Logroll Maneuver. It looked at the motion in the c-spine of several cadavers that were given a surgically created unstable c-spine. It used an electromagnetic tracking device to monitor movement during the maneuvers. The study measured movement in six different planes. In only one plane did the LTP have a statistically significant difference of 1.4 mm of movement, but it is not clear if this is CLINICALLY significant. Essentially there was no more movement in a completely detached c-spine with the LTP than the Logroll. Since we use the logroll in EMS every day, it would seem the LTP is as safe to use.

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Research – Hyldmo,, Does the Lateral Trauma Position cause more motion in an unstable C-Spine than the Logroll Maneuver?

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