Can we use the videos in our training?
Absolutely! That’s what we WANT you to do!
View the videos in a classroom setting, then do hands-on training with your own equipment until you are comfortable and competent in the techniques. Or use it as a “flipped classroom” and have your staff go to the website on their own and view the materials at a convenient time for them, then come together as a group for the psycho-motor skills. You can also share any of the videos, embed them in your webpage, tweet out to your friends. Help us get the word out!

What do we need to do the hands-on practice?
We would suggest at least five people are needed to conduct psychomotor practice, including one to be the “patient”. We’ve tried using a manikin, but it didn’t work that great. Other than that, you should have available:
CombiCarrier or scoop stretcher
Long Backboard
Cervical collar
Hospital bath blankets (4 or 5)